Last year's brief

How might we build empathy to help address a local Seattle opportunity? How can we create a mechanism for empathy for one audience that can be applied to other audiences and contexts?

Design an experience (this can be a product, service, or program) that allows the judges and Interaction 2019 community to better understand a day in the life of someone with misunderstood or ignored differences.

The goal is less about solving any specific problem and more about crafting an experience that unlocks empathy and can be applied in other scenarios and contexts.

To encourage global interaction and awareness of diverse backgrounds, the IxDA conference has been hosted across multiple cities and countries since 2008. A part of this is learning about and getting to know a local city. This year, we’ll work with a local Seattle non-profit to spark empathy in the hearts and minds of the IxDA audience and our judging panel.

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